Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are you a Paper Cheater too?

Today I HAD to go to Hobby Lobby (local craft store) to get a couple more sheets of a particular woodgrain paper in order to finish up a project I have been slowly working over the past couple months.  (When it's done, I will be showcasing it here, hopefully in a week or two). But here is a little peek on it. See the wood paper on the right?
That's ALL I really needed, the wood paper, so I knew I wasn't going to be at the store very long.
LOL.  Right.

I walked straight to the little counter where the weekly special paper is first, to see what was on sale.  Even though I KNEW I didn't need anything else, and certainly was NOT going to be buying anything else except the 2 sheets of paper I really needed.  Now stop laughing, this is a serious problem.

HOLY COW!  Scrapbook paper is 50% OFF!!!!!    Off to the paper aisle I start walking jogging and I was just beaming with joy that my 2 sheets of paper was going to be really cheap!  I wondered if I had enough change in my pocket to pay for it....
I got my 2 sheets of wood paper in my hand basket... hmmm.... well since it was on sale, I threw a couple more sheets of that woodgrain in there.  I mean, seriously, I didn't want to use it all up on my project and then not have any left at all, right?  Who knows when I suddenly would need the wood paper and it was all gone?   4 sheets.  That was enough.


My eyes couldn't stop looking at all the paper I DIDN'T have yet.  OH my gosh, this paper was going to make some really nice cards or boxes, the ideas were already flowing with what I could do with some of it, and then some others were just so darn pretty.  STOP, I said to myself.  I don't need this paper, do I?  I mean, I have SOOOOO much paper at home being totally ignored.  GASP!!   I'm CHEATING on my paper at home!     That paper has been loyally sitting beside me while I craft and color, some of it for YEARS, and here I was thinking I had to have MORE paper.   I was feeling a bit guilty.   And I was arguing with myself in the paper aisle.   But 50% off... how could I walk away from THAT!?  OH, the agony of what to do.   Do I put this paper back, or in my handy hand basket?   (Actually it was easy to do the RIGHT thing, LOL)

How much paper do I have ignore?

White cardstock up there... actually, this stuff isn't ignored too much (Oh gosh, it's getting low, I think I need some more white)

Lightweight Cardstock Paper ...  at my left side on the floor

And MORE cardstock paper (thicker)... on the carpet right in front of my feet under the desk area

Oh my, I forgot about this stuff.... bottom drawer on the left side of the room, 4 feet away from the desk where I sit

And the top drawer too....

And all the rest of that cardstock that I had to stock up on before the colors were discontinued....
in another desk behind me on my right (behind my viewing area of the craft table)

Designer papers here..... left side of my feet on the carpet, two 12x12 big pads, and three 6x6 pads

Designer papers there..... right side of my feet on the carpet, too many to count single sheets and/or SU and Basic Grey 12x12 Dp packs

Mylanta!  Designer paper everywhere!  above my head on a shelf to the right, almost 3 dozen 6x6 pads from various companies

Oh and this stuff is REALLY ignored.... (poor paper!) to the right and behind my twirly-around inkpad holder, three 8x8 pads and three or four 6x6 pads

And this is printed digi paper.... at the left of my feet behind the thicker cardstock paper container on the carpet

So why did I need to cheat on all this paper, to get this new paper today???  I can't help it.  I CAN'T SAY NO!   Sigh.  I am a paper cheater.  I admit it.     And I could have put more in my handy hand basket, but I did find a way to stop myself at 27 sheets. (WAIT A SECOND.  I must have been crazy to stop there!)
I finally paid and then left with a cute 3/4" fat style star punch, a few jewelry items to use with my many ignored charms and accents, and my 27 sheets of new paper!

I felt guilty ALL the way home that I just cheated on all my neglected paper!
But I sure didn't feel guilty when I swiped my card to pay, because I got the paper at 50% off and the punch at 40% off!   Yippie!

Are you a paper cheater too?  PLEASE tell me I am not the only one!    I feel really bad.   Unless I can get some consoling comments.     Now if you're like me, then you know you need to stop neglecting your paper and just USE IT UP!   Resist -- buying -- new -- stuff.   Why is it so hard!?

What I really need is a good space makeover, so that I can put all my paper in one place so that I can see it all when I am making something. If I see it, maybe I'll start using it!

Maybe I need to take a day sifting through it all and set some aside for a BIG paper giveaway..... Hmm....  there's an idea.....  what do you think?  


DC said...

OH, I hear you! I am the same way. When will it ever stop? I have tons of paper, stamps, name it and still I buy more. And just like you, I am a sucker for a sale.

Donna Nuce said...

LOL -- you found me out! I stopped at Archiver's today and did much the same thing. Your craftroom pictures could have been taken in my craftroom. What to do, what to do? Make more cards and projects!

Elizabeth Hart said...

I am still laughing -- yes you can bet than I too am a paper cheater along with a button cheater, ribbon cheater, punch cheater, any type of embellishment cheater, etc. You are not alone on this one Laurie!!

Patti P. said...

Lol, you are just speaking for us all Laurie. I am afraid paper is my weakness and I have hardly ever found one I could say no to, especially if on sale. Don't look at it as are just buying your papers some new friends!

Debbie said...

Oh Laurie, you made me laugh!! I, too, cheat on my paper!! (and my ribbon, and buttons, and punches, and pearls, etc!!!)
I'm trying to get over it, but it is so much fun to buy new stuff!!

Rhonda Miller said...

Lol, you're so funny. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. My problem is all my paper has to be stored in a plastic bin in the corner of my living room and it's so hard to dig through it, so I buy more. Yikes. I need to stop and use up some of what I have. Lol.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Omg!!! Boy, I sure do fel better now and your pics convinced my husband I wasn't the worst culprit when it came to buy/ hoarding pretty paper...haha. Put a smile on my face!

AllisonG said...

Oh yeah, I'm right there with you! I go to my LSS and see all the beautiful paper and try to convince myself NOT to buy it because I have more paper at home than I could ever use in a LIFETIME!'s soooooo pretty that it just calls my name.

Unknown said...

Laurie you are too funny! I try so hard to resist paper, and the craft stores here carry all the same stuff, so I end up buying it on-line....OMG there is so much pretty paper out there!!! Now I think I can buy some and not feel so guilty because my stash is way smaller than yours!

Donna said...

Oh you are such an enabler! My DH is leaving tomorrow for a couple days out of town and I just may have to drop into HL and see what kind of paper they have! And I am a paper addict. I don;t think I have as much as you do but I have plenty that I don;t use. LOL! So glad to know I am not alone! Have a wonderful day!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Don't feel bad, I'm buried in piles of paper too, but it never seems to be the right color or pattern that is needed for a project. So, of course, you have to purchase more.
Don't even want to mention the scraps I save and seldom use....

Crafting Vicky said...

ROFL that was a wonderful post to read! I totally get what you are saying! Unfortunately I'm not only a paper cheater... I'm also a stamp/digi cheater... It seems that I just can't get enough... but I don't get around to creating with all of them... it's bad... but oh so much fun! :D

Donna said...

Oh, Laurie! You make my neglected stash look small! But I, too, have a hard time walking by beautiful paper - especially if it's on sale. Oh, my, I think we're all alike.

Karen McAlpine said...

The paper is so hard to resist because it is so beautiful. (I used to be the same way with fabric.) I don't think your collection is too out of control. You need lots of supplies on hand, right? Someone once told me you can have too much decorative paper. But, I'm not convinced.
Have a great day!

Dee said...

Oh my, I laughed all the way through your post! I do exactly the same thing, justifying the sale and the need which is actually a want!!! And now, guess what? I have to do two scrapbooks for my new twin granddaughters, because I have only had grandsons before...oh happy day...more shopping for that wonderful, just perfect patterned paper! Thanks for this made my day!

Moments by Marla said...

Hi my name is Marla, and I am a paper hoarder. Can you imagine just how many husbands would enroll us to Paper Anonymous? I think of it as a sin to walk into a craft store without checking out the paper. I don't know if you have noticed at Michaels, but they have the large section of paper right when you enter the store. At least Hobby Lobby has it clear to the back of the store - but of course since you had to walk so far to the back, you need to make your trip worthwhile. Believe me, us crafters can justify all purchases!!!

Chrisboldo said...

Hi I'm Chris Boldovici. My Mom just bought me a ton of your digi's as a B-day Present. LOVE THEM!! And you are definitely not alone, I can't walk into any store that sells paper and not come out with something, LOL...must be in our genes!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

I was really chuckling when I read your post! You so could have been talking about me! I have so much paper that my son in law says I have "Packinsons" disease cause I am such a pack rat when it comes to crafting stuff! Don't worry gets better with age! lol!

Anonymous said...

I suspect every one of your readers is a paper cheater. My husband jokes that that corner of the house with my craft room is going to sink into the ground . . .

HappyCrafter said...

hee hee, you are not the only one. The thing that kills me is expiring colours, my oh my, how does it multiply! Thanks for the giggle.
Had fun playing with your pre-coloured images this past weekend...I made about 50 cards using them! It was so easy and they look great. Thank you so much for having them available :-)

Valerie said...'re not the only one. I have concluded that you know you're a true paper crafter if you have lots of paper and still have the uncontrollable urge to buy more! Have you ever bought paper at regular price and then when it went on sale you bought more because you didn't remember having bought it already?! (sheepish grin) that would be me!

Dawn Frost said...

Ooooh I'm so with you Laurie, lol! I have 6 12x12 Iris plastic containers FILLED with paper, 3 huge Michaels magazine holders filled with 12x12 paper, 12 6x6 patterned paper, and a huge container filled with wallpaper. I can't seem to stop buying it...but only if its on sale...I've been to too many sales!

Marianne said...

Although I have to admit I always NEED more stuff, too, it's very comforting to know that my stash is tiny compare to yours. I should bookmark this page so that I can show it to my husband if he ever starts complaining about my paper collection LOL. Fortunately I'm blessed with a very understanding and supporting husband.
Maybe you should challenge yourself sometimes by selecting only a few of your old papers and using these to create a project. I understand some people simply make a card with whatever happens to still lie around on their desk. Hmm, maybe I should give that a try myself.

Lorianna said...

Hi my name is Lorianna and I'm a Papercraftingaholic!!
We can ALL say that or we wouldn't be here!!
I have just as much as you, and still buy more!!!
How many of us have a 50% off coupon, and can't wait to get to the store to use it, like ya swear we never had one!!!
Burns a hole in my pocket!!
I laugh at myself, when I think of how much of a hurry I am to spend 50% of my money on paper I just like to look at!!
Oh ladies, none of us are ALONE!!
Okay I feel better now

Thank You Doodle Pantry Support Group!!

Glittered Paws said...

Loved reading your shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and for some reason that 40% off coupon just enables me more. I know you have to spend to save - which my husband reminds me of every time I go, love paper, embellishments, stamps, ribbons, well okay all of it. Then I "save" the scraps too which makes my paper mountain grow even taller.

Charlene Mitchell said...

lol - you are too funny! And you obviously found parts of my stash too! Who could walk away from 50% off and because you saved so much, you obviously have to check out the other aisles! Oh boy can I relate!!!

Lorianna said...

Had to comeback and say
weakness and super savings!!
Just a few words and you could image the story
The big M, 50% off paper, + an extra 20% off reg and sale items (special coupon for my Bday this month)
50%+20%= 70% off super paper!! and ribbon

Teresa Arsenault said...

Laurie, you are a laugh and a half. :) Sheesh. I thought I had a lot of paper and I too feel like I am cheating on it whenever I can't resist buying more. Honestly, my heart jumps thumps whenever I come across a pattern or paper pack that I truly love. And don't get me started on digis. I have hundreds and I can't possibly use them all.
Thanks for sharing your shopping adventures and glimpses into your crafting space.
Blessing hugs,