Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crafting for all Seasons Sponsorship

Good morning, I hope everyone is safe and sound! Today Doodle Pantry is sponsoring Crafting for all Seasons and their challenge is falling leaves. We've got a lot of inspiration for you so grab a cup!

Glenda, Donna and myself all used Autumn Star

Lori and Ellen both used Harvest Bounty

 and we've got guest designers from Crafting for all Seasons.

Elaine and Carly both used Quirky Lizard.


Bianca with Saddle Up

Carol used Pumpkin Birdie
Great creations, lots of inspiration! Hop on over to Crafting for all Seasons and give the challenge a try, you could win 3 Doodle Pantry images. Drop by again tomorrow for our new release, its gorgeous!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make your own Snow Globe in Word

Good morning!   Today we have a tutorial that our Creative Team member Pat Dadisman wrote up for us.
Pat is sharing with us how to make a digital snow globe using MS Word.  She uses a MAC, so most of the included screen shots are from that, but a PC is close enough that for those whom have PC's should be able to also succeed by these directions, or by looking closely on your PC Word and finding the command that represents what is being done.

1. After opening a Word document, click Insert on the taskbar and choose shape from the list of selections.  A drop down menu will appear (below shows a MAC screen):
(Below shows a PC screen.) Click the insert tab and then "shapes" to get a full pull down menu.  The red arrows shows where the 2 shapes are that you need.

2. Drag the shapes, pictured below, from the drop down menu to your Word document (MAC).  Or click on the shape and then click-drag on your document for the shape to create (PC).

3. Next format the circle and base with your choice of fill, shadow, and line color.  (For my sample I used white fill, no shadow and black line.)
  • First select either shape by clicking on it.  Format will then appear in the toolbar (MAC and PC).  Click on Format in the toolbar to bring up this menu:
  • Click on Fill -- then click on solid --choose white from color selections -- click okay.
    Click on Line -- then click on solid -- choose black from color selections -- click okay.
    Click on Shadow -- just click on check mark in box next to ‘shadow’ to delete shadow.

4. Before formatting the snow globe’s base, rotate base left 90 degrees, then resize to 2.0” high by 0.75” wide. Then follow the directions, listed above, to format the base just like you did for the circle (white fill, black line, no shadow).

5. Then resize the shapes just like you would resize a digital image to the measurements shown below. To resize, select a shape and then type the sizes you need in the drawing tools toolbar, circled in red below for a PC.
  • Circle -- 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches
  • Base -- 2 inches high by 0.75 inches high  
6. Now insert and resize your favorite Doodle Pantry PNG image to fit inside the globe.

7. Wrap circle and image behind text and then wrap base in front of text. To "wrap", you must select the shape you are wrapping, and then find the wrap icon in the toolbar, circled in red below. 
8. So that you can move everything around together, you will need to use the “merge” function (on MAC) to merge all 3 images together.  Or on a PC, left click select all the objects while holding the shift key and then right click and select "group".
9. Here’s what the finished snow globe looks resized and formatted (not including your image inside):
And here is Pat's card using the steps above and the girly snowman from Quirky Snowmen set.
Pat additionally used and masked some digital PNG papers for the globe inside and the base.
A BIG THANKS TO PAT DADISMAN, Creative Team Member Doodle Pantry
for providing the instructions for this easy snow globe!
Thanks for visiting us today and we hope you have been inspired to create!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Winners of Doodle Pantry Digital Challenge #28

A BIG thank you to all our challenge participants for the Doodle Pantry Digital Challenge 28 (DPDC#28)! Two winners have been chosen and everyone should have received their complementary  'Poppies' stamp set (please check your spam and junk folders if not yet received)!
What wonderful projects you have made and linked up, it was a delight to see them all! 

The two winners and recipients  of the $15.00  gift coupon to spend at Doodle Pantry .com   as chosen by Random.Org are:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
13 12
Timestamp: 2012-10-25 13:52:33 UTC

                                       Mavis Burnham  #13
                               Janny                #12

Congratulations ladies!!  I have e-mailed you about your prize. If you have not received the e-mail please check your spam and junk folders. Thanks again to all who played and we hope to see you back on  Nov 1st (12 noon eastern) for the start of the Doodle Pantry Digital Challenge #29