Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Flashback Focus Tuesday New Products

Hello!  We made it through an entire month of Tuesday releases, yippee!
I have 3 products being released today. 
Two of the products were previously drawn and released as outlines only over 2 years ago.  But today I have added some digitally colored images to those 2 products, as well as added some PNG papers.
And then I have a NEW product, Little Girl Valentines, which I had to do after the popular Little Boy Valentines last week.  I had several requests for a girl version.

Here's a peek at the new item Little Girl Valentines. The images coincide with the boy images, but were made "girly".
Debbie made a card using the "monster" pink convertible.... to coincide with her previous card using the monster truck from the Little Boy Valentines.
Ann made a collection of cute valentine treats:

Jen made some super cute french fry box valentines and a sweet card:
Pat cleverly put the crown on the dino's head to make this charming card:

And now to focus on a couple older images that were drawn more than 2 years ago.  Oldies but still goodies!
Here are some of the ideas from a couple years ago using Basil Plant.
by Sarah Taylor
by previous DT Sue Morris
And then here is some new inspiration of this pretty basil pot.
by Ellen Parker
by Linda Anderson

SHEEP SQUEEZE COLOR PLUS - this happily hugging sheep duo are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside!  - marked 25% OFF JUST FOR TODAY JANUARY 27!

New inspiration by Ann Abrahamsom

Prior inspiration by previous DT Robbie Stockton

Prior inspiration by previous DT Linda Borneman

Thanks for visiting us today and I hope you enjoy your day.
Be safe, be blessed, be inspired, and get crafty!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Winner of AIMPDC #1

Good morning and  BIG thank you to all our participants for the challenge of Ants in my Pantry Digital Challenge #1!  
What wonderful projects you have made and linked up, it was a delight to see them all! 
The winner of the $15.00 gift coupon to spend at Doodle Pantry as chosen by Randon.Org is

Random Integer Generator

Here is your random number:
Time stamp: 2015-01-26 06:13:25 UTC

Congratulations AJ!!  You have been emailed about your prize.  If you have not received the e-mail please check your spam and junk folders. Coupons must be used in 30 days from issue. Thanks again to all who played and we hope to see you back on the first Tuesday in  February for our NEW challenge!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday Morning Sketches

Good morning! Today Doodle Pantry is sponsoring Tuesday morning sketches and they have a fantastic sketch for us.
We've got a lot of inspiration for you and first up is:

 Both Ellen and Cara used Lady Bug Hugs


Annie used Safari Critters with Harrietta Hippo sentiment

Drop on by Tuesday Morning Sketches and give their challenge a try. If you use a digital stamp you can enter our new challenge as well Ants in my Pantry Digital Challenge!
Happy Stamping!

Third Tuesday products with SVG cut file

Welcome to our Third Tuesday new product release!
(Just a note for next week, the 4th Tuesday is FLASHBACK FOCUS where I will take one or two of my older products of outlines only and add digital color and papers to the set. Or maybe re-color an older set where I felt the coloring was not up to par. Either way, we will focus on sets from the past, but will re-introduce them with something fresh in them.)

The 6 new products today are marked down 25% JUST FOR TODAY!!  Shop today to get a great deal!
If you missed it, we still have a FREE with purchase product that was put up last week, LITTLE CRITTERS.  Just add to your cart and pay for the other items in your order and this one will be included for free.

If you click into each product to view at the shop, you'll get a quick gallery of our Creative Teams creations to help inspire you!

CARD CUT HEARTS SVG by Lori McCroskey - This card cut is a MUST for your Valentine cards!!!  How easy to make heart shaped cards with your e-cutter and this SVG set, and she made us several different designs too, so that we can get the most value for our bucks!

OVERALLS FAVOR BOX SVG & TEMPLATE - This cute little favor box holds a treat or small gift and looks like the top half of overalls!  Great for kids country birthday, or baby shower party.  Finished size is 2-1/2" wide, 1-1/2" deep and 3-1/4" tall. Embellish with your own brads, eyelets, button, ribbon and punched tags. Sew on the front panel for a realistic denim look.
Comes with PDF instruction sheet, PDF outline hand cut sheets, Some Colorized Print-and-Cut overall pieces, the SVG files and a pre-arranged MTC sheet.

LITTLE BOY VALENTINES - Cute valentine's more appropriate for younger boys.  I'll admit that this one was not planned. A loyal customer sent me a request just 11 days ago asking for boy valentines. She even gave me a few general ideas and that got my wheels spinning. I decided since I was ahead on everything else with some time to spare, I went ahead and created this product immediately. Keep in mind I can't do that all the time with requests, it just happened to be that way this time.

CRITTER BUGS - More of the Egg-shape animal series, I thought these little bugs were fun! Perfect for a small child to make school Valentines.

VALENTINE MICE - Another mice set for your mice collection.  Oh, and don't forget that the So Sweet Mice has one holding chocolate kisses and that could coordinate well with these 2 mice.

WORDS OF HEART - This heart is filled with all sorts of love words and sayings, perfect for men, women or children.  Comes with black words, and two different color options of the words, cute dot papers and even a 3 piece SVG heart shapes that you can layer your image over.  This set coordinates with the Card Cut Hearts SVG so they can be used well together!

Thanks for visiting us today and I hope you enjoy your day.
Be safe, be blessed, be inspired, and get crafty!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Aloha Friday Challenges Sponsorship

Good morning! Today Doodle Pantry is sponsoring Aloha Friday Challenges and their theme is to use at least 3 patterned paper scraps. We've got great inspiration for you and first up is:

and I used Bath Ants

Drop on by Aloha Friday Challenges and start creating! If you use a digital image you can also enter our new challenge Ants in my Pantry Digital Challenge!
Have fun and happy stamping!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Update to our FREEBIEs and EU customer sales

I spent most of today updating our FREEBIE page.  I found it much simpler to just put ALL the products that are free without buying anything, on ONE page.  All their previews are there with the product names above. One click on their previews should make your browser give you a download pop-up and allow to to choose to save it to your computer.  These can no longer be added to the cart since they can be downloaded directly from the page.
As I add new freebies, I will re-order them to be alphabetical.


If you click and nothing happens, then you need to make sure your browser is set to 1. allow pop-ups and 2. to give you the option to SAVE files. This can be found in your browser option settings. Each browser is a little different.

Nothing has changed on how we offer free w/purchases. Those are like other products, where you add them to your cart of other products and checkout to receive them.

On another note, it has come to my attention that there is a legal workaround to sell digital products to the wonderfully patient, crafty customers living in the European Union (EU)!  I did not find this information out myself, I happened upon a couple different other digital shop blogs/sites, by way of Creative Team and other customers sharing with me, and found they had done the research and came to the same conclusion.
I CAN EMAIL EU customers their orders!
However, it is a totally different process to order and receive products and will require patience and perseverance with EU customers and myself.
HERE IS A LINK to Doodle Pantry's EU buying process, and I also pasted it below.

If you live in any of the 27 countries in the European Union, please read the process BELOW how to place an order with Doodle Pantry, and the terms of the purchase.
NOTE:  If you have an aol, Hotmail or msn email, you must make sure my email is in your approved contact list, or the email may get blocked by aol, msn or Hotmail or may end up in your junk/spam folder.

LOYALTY REWARDS for EU customers works a little differently.  If you order $15, you are invoiced for $12 (20% savings). If you order $30, you are invoiced for $24 (20% savings).  For every increment of $15 ordered, you will receive and be invoiced for 20% off.

DO NOT place orders on this site!  Just use the website to search for the items you want and make notes.   Then IN AN EMAIL to laurie at doodlepantry dot com, I will need the following information from you. Items in bold are required. The last two are not mandatory, but are helpful in expediting your order.
  1. Your full Name
  2. Your Paypal email (so I can send invoice)
  3. Country of residence
  4. Product numbers (example DP0741 or LMCIS25)
  5. Product Names (example Bath Ants)
  6. Prices currently listed for those products
If you have more than 3 products to order, to make it easier on your end, you could go thru the shop and add all the items you want to a cart, click VIEW CART and then COPY and PASTE the cart information INTO AN EMAIL. Then discard the cart and close down the browser internet. DO NOT try to complete or place the order, as it will be cancelled immediately from the shop site. EVERYTHING MUST BE DONE VIA EMAIL.

Once I receive the information in Step 1, within 24 hours I will email you a Paypal invoice. The Paypal invoice will likely arrive in less than 12 hours, and even more likely within 4 hours if you sent it during business hours, but I have to say 24 hours just in case there are unforeseen events that occur which keep me from preparing your invoice.

You pay the invoice at your discretion. I only accept US dollars. The faster you pay, the faster I can email your purchases.
WHEN YOU PAY, you are agreeing to ALL terms of use of the products as outlined on our site and within the Paypal purchase.

I will email your purchased products within 24 hours of completed payment. In most cases, I will likely be able to email your products within 4 hours of payment during business hours, and 12 hours if you pay during American nighttime hours. But I have to say 24 at most, just in case there are unforeseen events that occur which keep me from preparing your invoice.

IF YOU WON A PRIZE and live in the EU:
All prizes won by EU residents must be redeemed via EMAIL from now on forward.
TO REDEEM: Email me your prize code and the items you wish to get with it, and items will be emailed back within 48 hours tops, in most cases less than 12 hours. If you have an aol, Hotmail or msn email, you must make sure my email is in your approved contact list, or the email may get blocked by aol, msn or Hotmail or may end up in your junk/spam folder.
Thanks for visiting us today and I hope you enjoy your day.

Be safe, be blessed, be inspired, and get crafty!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Second Tuesday new products and a FREE w/purchase

Hello!  It's our second Tuesday new product release for January 2015!
We have 4 products today... one of them is FREE w/purchase LIMITED TIME ONLY, and another has been put into the OWH fundraising category.  Check out below.

As always, these 4 new items shown below today are already marked down 25% off for you, but JUST FOR TODAY!

Also, it looks like AIMPDC1 participants are quite low... so that means chances of winning are GREAT.  We had wanted to try a themed challenge this year, but perhaps we picked a hard theme?  It is... Anything to do with MILK, creativity encouraged!  If you want to enter, check it out HERE.

If you click into each product to view at the shop, you'll get a quick gallery of our Creative Teams creations to help inspire you!
LITTLE CRITTERS - This product is FREE with a purchase ONLY from today Jan 13 thru Monday Jan 26!   The style of these critters are the "Egg-shape" series I had begun last year.  I find this particular style to be very simplistic, yet whimsical and appeal to children of ALL ages (even some adults!).  I feel they also work well for baby cards.  So they are well rounded as far as applications they can be used for.  There are many more animals in this style coming in the new few months, so stay tuned.

SAFARI CRITTERS -  More "Egg-shape" critters!  My personal favorites in this set are the tiger and rhino.

BATH ANTS - These fellas have stolen your teacup and warmer and made a community bubble bath!  This set has been put into our OWH fundraising category.  $1.00 from not only every sale, but also for every order it ends up on, whether that be a discounted order, or even if you order it with a prize coupon where you didn't spend anything.  For EVERY order that this product is on, OWH will get $1.00.  That goes for all the products in the OWH category.  We have raised and donated $729 to date to Operation Write Home and are proud to help out!

CHARLIE MOO MILK -  Charlie is back!  With his new friend, Clementine the cow.  There's nothing quite like meeting a moo friend.

Thanks for visiting us today and I hope you enjoy your day.
Be safe, be blessed, be inspired, and get crafty!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cupcake Inspirations Sponsorship

Good morning! Today Doodle Pantry is sponsoring Cupcake Inspirations and their photo is oh sooo cute. You can using anything from this photo as your inspiration and we've got some great cards for you.

First up is Ellen using Snowman Pile-up and Yummy Cupcake

and I used the snowman from Snowman Scenes

Drop on by Cupcake Inspirations and give their challenge a try. If you use a digital image you can enter our first Ants in My Pantry digital challenge too!