Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Second Tuesday - New products and Important news

Hello and good morning!  First, I really need to get the important news out.  If you can please bear with me, I will try to make it as concise as possible.

It is with a little sadness, but at the same time much relief, that I am announcing a bit of a sabbatical from new product releases.  I will have some new products for you today, February 17 and on February 24th, and then I will back off drawing new products for an undetermined amount of time.
HOWEVER, there may be a new product here and there, sporadically as I become inspired for a holiday or other occasion.  And you will want to remain on the email list or blog reader list since I am planning to have crafting posts instead and, who knows, I may offer something free every once in a while. When I don't have a schedule to follow, I tend to get generous, because it's FUN!  ;o)

PLEASE continue to check the blog, as we are still sponsoring challenges, we will still have our own challenge, and of course the store is going to remain open and active with everything that is still there.  We are not going away!

(Please, feel free to skip down to the new releases if this personal stuff doesn't interest you, I will totally understand!  But for those who want to know...)
There are several reasons for making this choice.
I have been spending all my time on the computer drawing and designing new products for the past 2 years that I have not had time for actually making cards or gifts, which is actually what I really want to do.  Those of you who have followed me 2 or more years, remember when I actually posted cards and coloring tutorials and crafted things?  I really miss that!  And with this change, I will actually get to do that again.
1. Most importantly, I have lacked on my family/home and lacked on God whom gives me life and the creative gifts I have.  It is time that I switch my focus!  I need to use my gifts for service within our church family and also being better at keeping my house clean and spending time with my kids.  I really should have made this choice a long time ago.   I hope to also pick up my violin to start playing again.
If you have read this far and are still reading, I thank you from my heart because that means you actually care.  I see every order that has come in to the shop personally, and I recognize those who repeatedly return to shop, whether with a gift coupon, or spending money or not, I am glad you found something that you can use to brighten another persons day.  I know your names and you have made me smile many times with your sweet comments, and also just for your support.  If you were standing here and I could connect your face with your email/google name or account name, I'd give you a great big hug!  Your support to Doodle Pantry over the past few years has really encouraged me, inspired me to draw more, and helped my family during the time when my husband didn't have a job.  I'm not sure if I ever announced that, so you might not have known.  Without the Doodle Pantry sales during that time, we wouldn't have made it.  We were so thankful that we were able to scrape by and never got behind on any bills, nor had to resort to rely on or be a government statistic.  We trusted God would provide for us, and He did that partly through your continued support for Doodle Pantry.  You had no idea that your shopping would mean so much to me during our time of need.  You also likely might not have known that when I see your name pop up every month on an order or a blog comment, that I think about you and appreciate your loyal support, and I hope and pray that you are blessed each time you create with Doodle Pantry products.

2. With my changes on releases, I actually will have time to get CRAFTY!  Oh man, I can't wait to get started.  I have a Card Ministry box that I am starting for my church... it will be mostly for spiritually encouraging and condolence cards.  But who knows where that will lead?  I will be able to actually make posts about creative things instead of just new releases!  I hope you'll stay in tuned on the blog as I begin to get crafty again... although it may take a few weeks to feel like I have my mojo again.

3. And finally there is a LAST reason for taking a break from new products.  Doodle Pantry REALLY needs a new shop platform.  I certainly don't have time to switch it out while continuing new products.  So a NEW Doodle Pantry shop is on the horizon.  It might take me 4-6 months, but it IS coming!   YIPPEE!  I already have a few things started on that process.  I think it will be a MUCH better shopping experience, easier for me, easier for you. And you can pretty much count on a big grand opening hoopla sale when it finally happens, so I hope you will continue to stay in touch either on this blog, or the facebook page, or with a newsletter subscription.  I will certainly be keeping everyone updated on happenings.
 Remember these 5 are marked down 25% today and tomorrow ONLY!

DP0753 - ANTS IN MY PANTS - LOL, someone on my team had given me this idea and I couldn't pass it up, it's just what those playful, menacing little ants would do in your pants. Shake those pants out before putting them on.

DP0757 - CARGO PANTS - I needed the pants without ants, too!  This gal must have lots of options.

DP0754 - MONKEY BARREL - I've only got 2 kids, but some days it seems like 5.  Who can relate?

DP0758 - MONKEY PEEPS - Ok, so you see my fetish of must having more options.  In case 5 monkeys in a barrel wasn't enough, I had to make a few peeping monkeys to use with the Monkey Barrel or other Monkey sets. The more monkeys, the merrier the headache, right?

DP0755 - FINE FEATHERY FRIENDS - Short of bird images?  Not me, but I needed more.  My personal favorite in this set is the Pelican. And I don't know why as I am not much of a beach bum.  I guess I just think he is cute with that big beak and starfish friend.

DP0756 - LUCKY CLEMENTINE - Clementine returns for a solo debut with her lucky clover find. And some professionally applied red lipstick.  Pucker up you cow lovers.  Moo's the word!

In case you skipped the personal stuff, TO SUM UP:
We have new products TODAY, February 17 and February 24, and then there will be a BREAK from new products for an undetermined amount of time, with only an occasional new product as a holiday or other occasion inspires me. (and maybe a FREEBIE here and there!)
But there will be crafty posts instead and soon a new shop platform for a better shopping experience (summer-ish time frame)!
Thanks for visiting us today and I hope you enjoy your day.
Be safe, be blessed, be inspired, and get crafty!


Crafting Vicky said...

It's such a great move on your part! I think it will nourish that creative part of you!!! Big hugs and know that you will always have my support!

Gloria Westerman said...

I'm so happy for you...we all need to change and move on with what our hearts tell us...can't wait to see your creations and new site...God Bless you!!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Wishing you all the best, Laurie! I like that you are focusing on some important priorities. Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to seeing some of your crafty creations when you have time. Sending hugs your way!

(AJ) ArtJypsy said...

We all have to take a break from doing things once in a while. I completely understand your reasons for doing so. Take as much time as you need to take care of life and family. Can't wait to see what you craft up. Hugs.

Anna R said...

I think what you're doing is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this post with us. :) Wishing you all the best in this year's journey.

Denise Goeldner said...

Oh wow how exciting for you & us too. It will be great to see you creating and doing something else you love to do. I enjoyed reading your news of change, good for you. Looking forward to what lies ahead xx

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your well-earned sabbatical! Have fun crafting!


Jessi Fogan said...

Congratulations on taking this big step! It's tough sometimes to reflect and realize what is truly important to spend time on. And although I may not comment regularly I always visit & appreciate your artistry :) Love & hugs!

Lisa Lynn said...

Laurie, wishing you the best. I have two kids, and my husband past away a year ago so I know how important family time is. You can never get that time back so enjoy it! Don't feel guilty because no amount of money can ever replace quality time.
Also, have time for yourself too:)

Dawn H said...

Love this site. Congrats on the changes you need to make in your life. That is what it is all about! I certainly am grateful for all have done for your followers in the past,and I look forward to what the future brings.

Anonymous said...

I am glad for you - a little sad I won't see fun new images but with the new schedule, I have gotten so behind, I will all of a sudden remember but I keep missing the first two days ( I don't take medicine well either :) maybe this way I will catch up on the images I need...Enjoy your time and your family!


Sarah said...

Laurie, I support you in anything you do. Yes, I will miss you and your new images because you are my favorite artist but you have been so very generous to us that you deserve to take this time for you, your family and God. For how ever long it takes, I will continue to follow you and check in often on the site and get email notices. Take care of yourself. Sarah W

Janet Kay said...

Wow, when you changed to the every week, I thought you were crazy! I couldn't keep up either! I think it's great that you will be taking time off:) I hope you will find many wonderful opportunities open up for you! :) I will miss all your new digis, but, I have so many already, I know I can keep myself busy with those for a long time, thank you! :) I'll be watching for your new adventures! :)