Sunday, September 15, 2013

More illustrations coming to Doodle Pantry

Hello!   There are some changes coming soon and I wanted to share with you.

Many of you probably already read over on Lori McCroskeys blog that she has made the difficult decision to close her shop (Clearly Digi Stamps/Clear Dollar Stamps), for which I have illustrated clear stamp and digi images for over 4 years.  I sure admire her for making this decision, as she wants to focus on her family and kids home schooling.  WOW!  You know God is going to bless her for making this change in her life!
If you'd like to give Lori a visit on her blog, I am sure she'd love to hear your encouraging thoughts.
She did mention that she will not leave the crafting scene, she will be creating SVG cut files that will be sold through Doodle Pantry!   I am really excited about this, as designing cut files is secondary in my personal preference, to illustration.

You may be having some questions, so I was hoping to address some ahead of time.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT illustrations Laurie Wilson has done for CDS?
In case you didn't know, everything I have illustrated for CDS over these past years has remained copyright of CDS during this time.
However, upon her shop closing on September 30, EVERYTHING I have ever drawn, whether for clear stamp design (retired) or digital format for CDS, will be transferring full ownership/copyright to Doodle Pantry on October 1, 2013.
This means there is NO gap in time where those images are free to disburse in any way.  You may not share with your friends or resell.  They may NOT be made into embroidery designs without a license/approval by me.  If you purchased anything illustrated by me, Laurie Wilson, that was for sale at CDS/Clearly Digi Stamps, please make note that ALL terms of use immediately transfer to the Doodle Pantry terms of use on October 1, 2013.  You can find those terms HERE.
BUT THERE WILL BE A GAP IN THEIR AVAILABILITY TO PURCHASE!   Anywhere from 1-8 months!  If you need some of those images NOW or during the time when they may not be up for sale yet at Doodle Pantry, get them before Sept 30 for 25% OFF at the CDS shop HERE. The coupon code is SEPT30CLOSING.

WHERE CAN I buy the digital illustrations after CDS closes?
They can't all be ready for sale at Doodle Pantry on October 1, 2013, I don't have enough time.  But each month, Doodle Pantry will add the listings of a select group of those illustrations to the Doodle Pantry shop.  I will be putting up a schedule list on October 1, so you can know when which images will be for sale and available at Doodle Pantry.  For October, 28 products of Fall and Christmas Holiday themes will be re-released at Doodle Pantry, so I'm off to a pretty good start in getting them moved over. BUT IF YOU WANT 25% OFF, you may want to SHOP NOW AT CDS!

WILL ANY of the illustrations CHANGE?
The outline images themselves will NOT change, however, if there wasn't digitized coloring, it will be added with digi papers before becoming available at Doodle Pantry.  Some of the images might be re-digitally colored if I feel the images were a little outdated as far as the coloring.  I'll make sure to give all relevant details when I post about them, so that you'll know whether or not something you have, may have changed, or may have new coloring or digi papers.

WILL ANY OF THESE ILLUSTRATIONS be offered at a discounted price?
From now through September 30, EVERYTHING is 25% OFF at Clearly Digi Stamps, so if you want a great deal on my CDS illustrations today, go ahead and get it now, SHOP HERE through Sept 30!
Once these illustrations transfer to my shop Doodle Pantry on October 1, they will be treated as if they are a Doodle Pantry release, and will only be discounted when I have a sale coupon or other category special. There's no guarantee on the Doodle Pantry future prices, so right now, taking advantage of the 25% off at the CDS SHOP would be a wise decision if there's something you want.

WHAT ABOUT CLEAR STAMP illustrations that have been discontinued?
If there were images I illustrated to be clear polymer stamps for CDS, and they have not been offered in digital format as of yet, DO NOT DISMAY, I will likely eventually get them all transferred to digital format and offered for sale at Doodle Pantry!  Just sign up for our newsletter or sign yourself up for the blog email updates and you will be notified when those become available.

WHAT IF I REALLY WANT A DISCONTINUED CDS stamp image by Laurie Wilson in digital format sooner rather than later?
I will gladly accept your requests via email!  I already have several images that currently are no longer offered in clear stamp form, and were not yet made into digital form, that I really want to have in digital format.  Email me here --->  laurie at doodlepantry dot com.  If I get enough requests for any one item, I will try to put it at the top of my list to get it made into digital format and up for sale for you soon.

IF I PURCHASED Laurie Wilson illustrations in digital format at CDS, will I have to re-buy them from Doodle Pantry?
No, of course not.  You can simply keep what you have and move them to a Doodle Pantry file folder on your computer.  Also remember to link up to Doodle Pantry when you post a creation using those images, so that people reading your blog can get directed to the new place where they will eventually be found.
Also, you will need to make sure you are abiding by the Doodle Pantry terms for them as well.

NOTE: There will be a very FEW cases where I will have either added digitally colored images and digi papers, and/or re-colored the outdated digital coloring.  In those cases, since more work was put into them, I cannot offer them completely free to you.  BUT, I will put a lower than normal price for a limited time, to make it affordable for you to buy and get the newly updated images within the product.  Make sure you sign up for notifications by blog or newsletter so that you will not miss any limited time offers of reduced pricing of Laurie Wilson CDS illustrations being re-released at Doodle Pantry.

After October 1, 2013, CAN I USE CDS IMAGES THAT WERE ILLUSTRATED BY LAURIE WILSON for any of Doodle Pantry's challenges?
YES!!!!  If the product preview from CDS says it was illustrated by me, or has the filename CDSLW at the beginning of each picture, then it will be considered a Doodle Pantry product!

WHAT IF I'M NOT SURE WHO IS THE ILLUSTRATOR for something I purchased at CDS?
Just email me the preview sheet, and I will let you know whether or not it is my image.
I hope I have addressed some questions up front, but if anything is still unanswered, feel free to email me with any concerns and I will get an answer back to you within a few days.
May you have a blessed weekend!


Charlene Mitchell said...

Thanks for all the detail in this post Laurie. One question: for your October challenge, can we use any of YOUR images that we have purchased through CDS? Thank you!

Sandra DeFalco said...

That's great news for you Laurie. I believe I have a few that I may have won in challenges. I'll go ahead and move them into my Doodle Pantry folder for later use.
Sandi ♥

Kathy D. said...

Laurie - Does the CDS image you illustrated have to currently be in your store to use as a Doodle Pantry image for the challenge?
I hope that makes sense. I read where you said they count but didn't know if they had to be in your store since some will be coming later on.