Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peacock Sunrise Coloring Tutorial

Hello!  This card I made for the Creative Craft Challenges which we are sponsoring this week!  Wanna come join us for a chance to win a Doodle Pantry prize?? The theme is distressed/vintage.
I also decided to use this card as a coloring tutorial, just scroll down if you want to follow along.

Digital image: Sitting peacock from Doodle Pantry 
Stamp: SU sanded BG
Cardstock/Paper: 90 lb. canson watercolor paper, teal, kiwi
INK: Printer, early espresso pad, marina mist pad, Tombow markers N15, 476, 177, 526, 126, 133, 985, 946, 925, 755, 992, 947, 942
Accents/Tools:  waterbrush, yasutomo shimmer watercolor palette, circle template, pencil, kiwi ribbon, SU button, thread, sewing machine, sponge, pearls, EK photo corner punch, Ek border punch

I grouped the pictures to make the post shorter.  You can click on the pictures and the grouping will open a new page and it will be bigger. If there is a magnifying glass when you put your cursor over the photo in the new page, click on it once and it will be even bigger, so that you can see the details better.
TIPS: Make sure the water flow is gentle, not too much and not too little. It needs to be wet as you blend, but not creating a pool of water on your paper.  It needs to blend the colors just enough and the paper needs to appear to dry up fairly soon after you blend.  Swipe waterbrush tip on paper towel to reduce too much flow and squeeze on barrel of waterbrush gently to increase flow on a dryer brush tip.

First, I printed my image with an A2 size space in mind so that it would fill a whole card size.  The finished colored image panel unmatted is 4"x5.25".

Here is the picture of all the colors of Tombow markers I used. One isnt' pictured, it is 933 orange.

1. I used 126 and 992 first. Applied color as shown. 992 to the beak and the middle of the back, and 126 to the upper back and lower back.
2. Using the waterbrush, blend the middle brown first back and forth moving right, then down to the kiwi color and right.
3. Then go back to the middle again and brush back and forth moving upward.
4. Using 992 marker tip, add a few feather strokes overtop the still damp peacock back.
5. Using 126 marker tip, add feather strokes overtop the peacock back.
6. I used the 992 under the branch on the tail, and 126 to the rest of the tail feathers, leaving white around the "eyes' on the tail.
7. Blend the color starting with the 992 area first.
8. Continue blending stroking brush up and down while moving it back and forth over the kiwi color, avoiding the tail "eyes".
9. Add the 133 lime color just around the tail "eyes".
10. Using 476, add color with brush tip as shown.
11. Blend with waterbrush as desired.
12.  Using writing tip of 526, add feather lines under belly.
13.  Blend quickly again all over body, avoiding the areas around eye.
14. Add color gold 946 to tail "eyes" leaving center white. No need to blend these. Wait until it dries all the way.
15. Add 526 to the tail eye centers.
16.  Add N15 to the sections around the eye on the head.
17. Just to darken the tail a bit and add some variance, use 177 green fine tip and add lines in the directions of the feathers, having more near the upper underside of the tail and lessening the darker lines toward the end/bottom of the tail feathers.
18. Blend lightly into the kiwi green. Allow to completely dry.
19. Add the 947 brown to the lower half of the branch and then to all of the skinnier branches, and using the waterbrush, blend that color upward to fill the branch.
20. Using a nestabilities circle die, I traced VERY lightly around it with a pencil while it was centered over the image. This is where I will color the sun.
21. Add 946 gold around the peacock and outward to about the middle of the section of the penciled sun line. Add 933 orange just to the center areas of the "sun", as shown.
22. Start the waterbrush on the outer edges of the 946 color and work back and forth until you reach the orange color and then move the brush tip back and forth out to just before the pencil line.
23. Add 985 yellow just inside the pencil line all around each part of the sun around the bird. Erase the pencil line.
24. Blend using the waterbrush starting at the 985 yellow moving along the 985 line in one direction, move the waterbrush just outside where the pencil line was once, and then back and forth until you reach the middle orange. Do this for each of the 3 sun sections.
25. Wait until completely dry before moving on.
26. Using a sponge, grab ink from an inkpad and sponge around the sky areas. Use a copy paper "mask" of the sun shape and/or peacock image if needed.  Just get  a light sponged area.
27. Using the waterbrush, brush each sky section starting near the peacock/sun and moving outward to the edges of the paper.  I purposefully left mine looking "waterbrushed" as I wanted a vintage watercolor look here.  Wait until it completely dries.
28. Added 177 green to the leafy section of the branch and watercolor blended.
29.  Added 755 pink to the flower centers and watercolor blended. Wait until completely dried.
30. Using another sponge, apply the espresso color from an inkpad all around the panel and I chose to make mine oval-ish.
31. I cut a loose oval shape "mask" out of copy paper and placed it over the image centered (not pictured).  Then I inked up and stamped the Stampin' Up! Sanded Background stamp with espresso ink. Remove the paper mask.
32.  I used my yasutomo shimmer watercolor cakes to add shimmer all over. I have a 18 color palette so I was able to find a color that matched each section.
Then I matted it and embellished it!

Thanks so much for tuning in today!  I hope you have been inspired to create something that will bless a friend!


Moments by Marla said...

OMG! Your card is beautiful and your tutorial is amazing. I don't have the Tombow markers, but I will try to use my copics as best as I can. I am going to make a card with this peacock image for a friend's birthday in November. He raises them. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

Cindi said...

Wow! Amazing colors and card. So beautiful! I haven't used markers and water in awhile so I am definitely inspired to go back and try it. Thanks!

Patti J said...

Goodness, Laurie - this is stunning! Very beautiful, my friend, and thank you for the great tutorial!

Lorie said...

Um, wow Laurie! That is incredible! Thanks for the tut!

Amy Johnson said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! Your coloring is amazing!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Wowzers! This is magnificent!

Glenda Atkins said...

Stunning card and what a great tutorial. Wow!!!!

NanaConnie said...

Fabulous tutorial, Laurie! Thanks so much for all the detail you show us. Incredible card!

Heide said...

Stunning Laurie,
Great tutorial too!

Kristine said...

This is sooo GORGEOUS Laurie! I've gotta look for some of that wc paper. The kind I can get here doesn't work well at all. Love your vibrant colors and THANKS for the tutorial!! Lots of time and work went into bringing this to us =)